Cusco, Peru


Oh, Peru, where do I start? This trip to South America is the first overseas trip I have done by myself. Keep in mind, I'm fresh out of high school and refused to do the whole schoolies thing.

My friend and I arrived in Cusco, not knowing what to expect. We were met with a city deeply embedded in its ancient Inca culture. Everywhere we turned, it was obvious that this was a city that had pride in its heritage and was not afraid to show it.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the trip was going to Machu Picchu. Words cannot describe the beauty and wonder of the ruins and it is hard to believe that they are still standing with a sense of pride and superiority.

Another incredible thing about Cusco is the shopping. If you are after a great, cosy sweater, this is the place for you. I stocked up for winter for my family and myself. The best bit? The prices. The most I paid for an Alpaca jumper was $30 AUD. The artisan markets are full of colour and life, and you are bound to meet some interesting people.

Overall, Cusco was one of those places that you will always remember. The culture is rich, the food is amazing and the people are one of a kind This is one of those cities that does not garner as much attention like Paris or New York, but it a place that you should definitely visit in your lifetime. I'm glad my adventure started here.

Also, I wish you all an early Merry Christmas. I know mine is going to be spent on my Grandma's farm with my family, enjoying some great food and dancing the night away.

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